City Slickers Meet Country Cousins And All Discover They’ve Been Both Alike

City Slickers Meet Country Cousins And All Discover They’ve Been Both Alike

By Judy Klemesrud Special towards the New York Times

GREENWICH, N. Y.—A attorney and their family members from Br klyn spent the weekend having a dairy farmer and their family members here, and also by enough time it was over, some preconceived notions about “city slickers” and “country bumpkins” had evaporated in to the sharp Washington county autumn air.

“I thought certain they mightn’t have dishwasher.” stated Janet Drogin, 37 years of age, the spouse from Br klyn. “But they have most of the modern conveniences we’ve, and our kids have the same fancy walkie‐talkies, the sleeping that is same, and the same World B k encyclopedias.”

And James Sloan Jr., 39, the dairy farmer, was amazed that the Drogins were because understanding as these people were concerning the farmer’s economy.

They truly are the first city individuals I’ve ever met who believe farmers aren’t getting that which you be getting,” he stated. “Every time f d costs increase, we farmers have the impression that the town individuals blame us.”

The week-end visit, known as the City‐Farm Swap, was sponsored by the Agricultural Council of America, a business of farmers located in Washington as a means of educating urban dwellers about the important points and economics of raising meals on farms.

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City Visits Scheduled

Next springtime, the farm individuals are designed to endeavor into the town for the return visit.

“The swap is not only a farm trip, where you pet the animals to see the tractor.” stated Allen Paul, executive director of the council. “The individuals actually get to know each other, and understand each other’s financial difficulties. It’s specially valuable for the farmers, simply because they get a feel of this dilemmas town individuals face when they go in to the supermarket and begin filling up that grocery cart.”

About 100 town families t k part in the swap last weekend—50 in the Washington area and 50 in New York State. Read more