How To Start A Flame With Slippery Wood

How To Start A Flame With Slippery Wood

Do you want to can start a campfire with moist wood? Damp firewood don’t make it quite easy. But there are ways to conform & conquer!

Dependent rain and season, you might not usually have nice dried hardwood lying around to get started a flames. There are numerous tips to find that flames went, even with moist wooden or damp hardwood.

Here are some tips and rules how to start a fire in an environment with damp material. This will be sorted into five scoop, and all are necessary to beginning that flame:

  • Flames beginner
  • Tinder
  • Kindling
  • Logs
  • Developing they


You do must construct it initial (tinder, kindling, and significant lumber). But allows first examine methods you’re likely light it. Unless you’re into scrubbing sticks together (it’s achievable with a ‘bow drill’), only bring numerous flame starters (dont rely on one simple!).


Sulfur on the end of an adhere. Good old meets. I prefer the ‘strike wherever’ fits. Have them in a water fast bin. Take a look at this good watertight containers for stick meets:

BIC | Zippo Lighter

Why enable it to be tough as much as possible basically shoot it with a BIC or Zippo easier. I have both. I like the Zippo considering that the fire are large and you could configure it along whilst the fire will continue to cut. A BIC should be held/pressed holiday lit. Read more